Diana Frances Spencer was first noticed by the world in February 1981 when her engagement to HRH Prince Charles, the heir to the throne of the United Kingdom, was announced.

The announcement ended years of speculation about who would be the next queen of England – speculation which ended when the world watched television footage of the prince with his young, demure fiancĂ©e. No-one seeing her shy smile and reticent manner would have imagined that, within a few short years, she would become admired throughout the world for her style, her compassion and her warmth.

At the time of her engagement, Diana was working as a kindergarten assistant and her love of children was evident. Within a few years, Diana had children of her own, Prince William (1982) and Prince Harry (1984). Diana insisted that her boys grow up as normally as possible, unlike the former hothouse atmosphere suffered by previous royal offspring.

Her pride in her children was evident and seeing the boys today, it is obvious that their mother’s somewhat unconventional ideas, by royal standards, created two young men who share their mother’s compassion and humanity.

Diana was not content to be seen as a royal wife and mother. Although her style was legendary, Diana’s interest was in people and in helping raise awareness about people in society who were forgotten.