Her work

Diana was a tireless charity worker using her celebrity status to campaign for the causes she believed in. When the Princess decided to scale down her work in 1996 more than a hundred organizations were named as having been recipients of her time and backing.

Instead, she decided to concentrate her efforts on six organizations: Centrepoint, working with the young and homeless, the Leprosy Mission, which treats leprosy sufferers in over thirty countries, the National AIDS Trust, working with HIV and AIDS patients, the children’s hospital in Great Ormond Street, the Royal Marsden Hospital, which specializes in the treatment of cancer and the English National Ballet, as dance was one of her great passions. The Princess took on causes which were viewed as ‘difficult or ‘unfashionable’. In 1987, Diana was the first high-profile figure to be seen shaking hands with an AIDS patient. Ten years later, her involvement in the campaign to ban land mines provoked an international reaction and brought the issue to prominence in a way that no one else could have achieved