How to Choose the Right Lipstick for You

Wearing makeup is not complete without a lipstick. Without a proper lipstick, all the makeup that you have put on your face may may amount to nothing. A lipstick provides an excellent finish to every facial makeup. But a girl can stand out with only a lipstick. This makes lipsticks one of the most sought after beauty products in the market.

A lipstick can define your personality and your sense of style. That’s why going for lipsticks that are a level above the ordinary ones is a  smart move in making you a woman of style and substance according to a fashion website 7×7.

Here are some of the things that you should look for when buying a lipstick.

red shades lipsticksEnriched with Moisturizers

Dry lips are never good to see. They can crack, and it can be painful. Your lips can be flaky too. Dryness of the lips can even get in the way of your speech.

A lipstick can prevent dryness that results in cracking, pale, and flaking lips. When a lipstick is enriched with moisturizers, your lipstick becomes creamier and smoother. Your lips will be more supple and softer with this kind of lipstick.

Powered with Sunscreen Protection

Just like our skin, our lips can be damaged by the sun too. The intense rays of the sun can burn our lips just like the rest of your skin when exposed for a longer period. This can darken the natural color of your lips, making you look like you have been a cig smoker for a while.

With sunscreen protection, your lips can be spared from the negative effects of the sun. Apply it on your lips with some body sunscreen on your torso, and you would not need to be afraid to go under the direct heat of the sun anymore.

‘No Transfer’ Quality

A lipstick that does not transfer on our drinking glasses or get erased with a touch of our food can last longer. Matte lipsticks are known to last longer without a change of texture like color and shine. They also do not bulge on the lips. For busy women who do not have all the time to retouch their makeup, this lipstick is perfect.

Perfect Match for Your Skin Tone

First and foremost, you should know your skin tone before you can find out the color of the lipstick that complements your skin. If you have a darker skin tone, you can go for darker shades. Bright shades of lipsticks can match fair-skinned women while nude to light shades are excellent on the olive-skinned.

True to Shade

Buyers of lipsticks always complain that the lipstick does not look like the ones on brochures. You should choose a lipstick that produces the same color on your lips as those on print ads. A lipstick with this quality can truly satisfy you every time you swipe it on your lips.

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